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In 2006, the ISA decided to create a scholarly reference for our discipline, a work comprising a series of literature review essays (refereed and approximately 10,000 words each) for the myriad topics in our expansive field. These essays, which review the intellectual history of scholarship on topics of international studies, are rigorous, comprehensive, and neutral in tone, detailing fruitful lines of research up to the current “state of the art,” and describing prior dead-ends. As such, the essays provide an invaluable resource for students and scholars new to a particular area of research who need an overview that maps the existing scholarship in a useful way. The Compendium continues to grow with new and updated essays added annually.

The Compendium Project has three components:

The International Studies Encyclopedia (ISE), the print version of the Compendium, was published in 2009 and features A-to-Z format. It is available for purchase by libraries from Wiley-Blackwell.

International Studies Online (ISO), available to all ISA members and to all libraries that purchase an annual subscription from Wiley-Blackwell, includes all the essays in the ISE plus approximately 20 new or updated essays each year. It is searchable by keyword. Further development of the Compendium will include enhancement of online essays with links to archives, datasets, cases, pedagogical aids, discussion boards, and other relevant materials.

International Studies Compendia: Section Volume Series (ISC), suitable for individual purchase and course adoption, are selections of new and updated Compendium essays. ISA sections have the opportunity to propose such volumes.

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The Compendium is a living project - check out the International Studies Online for compendium discussion and additional resources.

Compendium access is free for ISA members and can also be purchased directly through Wiley-Blackwell.

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