Special Projects - Pilot Program

About Special Project Grants

Each year, ISA HQ receives a variety of proposals, outside the current ISA funding streams, that ask for project support and make a financial request. At the 2016 Governing Council Meeting, a one-year pilot program was approved to assemble and evaluate any such proposals.

Basic Program Parameters:

  • All proposals must focus on programming in the context of ISA activities and promise to provide direct benefit to some group of ISA members.
  • All proposers must be ISA members.
  • This program will not fund research projects, programs restricted to a proposer’s home institution, or projects that fall under existing ISA programs (e.g., the workshop grants program or the travel grants program).

ISA is pleased to solicit submissions for the 2016-2017 funding cycle. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2016. Submissions should be sent to ISA Headquarters at isa@isanet.org.

All projects would require:

  • Project Rationale and Narrative – Max. 5 double-spaced pages.
  • Project Budget (to include both dollar values and narrative explanations for proposed expenditures).
  • Expected demands on ISA HQ staff time.
  • Sustainability Plan – this section would focus on one of four approaches: 1) a one-time project; 2) a pilot project that would develop into a fee-driven model in subsequent years; 3) a pilot project that is proposed as a permanent ISA budget line-item; or 4) some other model not specified here.
  • 2 page CV for each PI.
  • All materials must be submitted as a single PDF file by the August 1st deadline to receive consideration. Proposals not conforming to these guidelines will be returned to the PI(s) and not considered during that cycle.

Small Projects (under $2,500):

A maximum of $10,000 will be budgeted annually for these projects. Projects will be sent to the Executive Committee and any relevant committees for review and recommendation to the 2017 Governing Council.

Large Projects (greater than $2,500 and no more than $25,000):

A maximum of $50,000 will be budgeted annually for these projects. Projects will be sent to the Executive Committee and any relevant committees for evaluation. After peer review, the Executive Committee will recommend and potentially prioritize the reviewed projects, and then make a recommendation to the 2017 Governing Council regarding funding.

Have Questions?

Please contact ISA Headquarters with any questions about Special Project Grants.

Ask about Special Project Grants

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