Past Recipients

Year Recipient
2014 Erica Chenoweth
2013 Jeremy M. Weinstein
2012 Emilie Hafner-Burton
2011 Michael Tomz
2010 Virginia Page Fortna
2009 Jon Pevehouse
2008 Ashley Leeds
2007 Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
2006 Christopher F. Gelpi
2005 Alastair Smith
2004 Allan C. Stam
2003 Kenneth A. Schultz
2002 Dan Reiter
2001 Beth A. Simmons
2000 Edward D. Mansfield
1999 James Fearon
1998 Paul Diehl
1997 Paul Huth
1996 Robert Powell
1995 T. Clifton Morgan
1994 James D. Morrow
1993 Alex Mintz
1992 Duncan Snidal
1991 Jack Snyder
1990 Joshua Goldstein
1989 Zeev Maoz
1988 Steve Chan
1987 Michael Don Ward
1986 Michael Wallace
1985 Bruce Bueno de Mesquita/ Richard Ashley

The International Studies Association

Representing over 100 countries, ISA has more than 6,500 members worldwide and is the most respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. Endeavoring to create communities of scholars dedicated to international studies, ISA is divided into 6 geographic subdivisions of ISA (Regions), 28 thematic groups (Sections) and 3 Caucuses which provide opportunities to exchange ideas and research with local colleagues and within specific subject areas.
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