Chadwick Alger Prize

The Chadwick F. Alger Prize recognizes the best book published in the previous calendar year on the subject of international organization and multilateralism. The Prize is awarded annually by the International Organization Section of the International Studies Association. The Award Committee is particularly interested in works dealing with the United Nations and/or with how international organizations interact with nongovernmental organizations and other local civil society actors, as reflected in the writings of Chadwick F. Alger.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA
  2. The recipient may be at any stage of his or her career and from any country.
  3. Edited volumes are not eligible for this award.
  4. Self-nominations are also welcome.


  • The recipient receives a $250.00 (USD) cash prize from the International Organization account and a certificate.

Selection Process

  • The recipient is selected by a committee appointed by the International Organization Section.
  • The recipient will be announced at the International Organization Section Business Meeting at the ISA Annual Convention and will be recognized at the IO Section reception.

Apply For This Award

  • Publishers are asked to limit their submissions to no more than three (3) works, and to send a copy of the nominated work(s) directly to each of the committee members. Publishers should also notify the Committee Chair of submissions by email.
  • Nominated books should be sent to the committee members by October 1st. Books appearing later in 2017 can be sent as page proofs by October 1st.


Congratulations to Steven Jensen,  the 2017 recipient of the Chadwick Alger Award, for his book The Making of International Human Rights

With The Making of International Human Rights. The 1960s, Decolonization, and the Reconstruction of Global Values Steven Jensen puts the issue of human rights at the centre of his research. The book’s result entails the sobering insight that “our historical narratives have not been representative of how human rights actually gained significance as legal, political and moral imagination in the increasingly interdependent world from the 1940s onward.”

The second place prize for the 2017 Chadwick Alger Award goes to Barbara Koremenos for The Continent of International Law and Vincent Pouliot for International Pecking Order

We found all three submissions to be impressive demonstrations of empirical and theoretical research. As such, each of them makes an important contribution to the discipline of international relations (IR) theory. Each author advances the field considerably, whether based on a wider focus and studying larger scale historical research change centring on fundamental norms (Jensen); taking a narrower institutional focus on decision-making, cooperation and change with regard to the law (Koremenos); or presenting a succinct methodological approach on micro practices in diplomacy (Pouliot). We highly recommend each of the three books and thank Cambridge University Press for nominating them.

For a list of past recipients, please check below.

Past Recipients


Antje Wiener | Chair
Chair of Political Science esp Global Governance
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
University of Hamburg
Allende Pl 1
20146 Hamburg
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Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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