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ISA 2018 Early Bird Special

We're delighted to announce the ISA 2018 Early Bird Special! We welcome you to take advantage of these discounts to reserve your booths and advertisin...



Challenging Systemic Oppressions at ISA & Beyond

This thematic series is the culmination of years of activism around issues of systemic discrimination and inequalities within ISA and the academy at large.  Building upon the 2017 Challenging Oppressions series, which took place at the ISA Annual Convention in Baltimore, next year’s sessions aim to move beyond talk to identify solutions to systemic oppressions within ISA, our disciplines, and the academy as a whole. 



Career Course Proposal Deadline Approaching

ISA’s Annual Convention offers participants the opportunity to take part in Career Courses (CC). Career Courses are half-day sessions in which a...



ISA Sapphire Series: Third Installment

Welcome to the third installment of the ISA Sapphire Series! The Sapphire Series is designed to highlight key issues in the field and in international affairs. These talks bring together featured scholars and practitioners to discuss current world events, trends in academic research, and new challenges in teaching and learning. These sessions have been recorded and made available to ISA members on our Professional Resource Center website.



Call for Proposals: "In Other Words" Roundtables

Roundtables in French, Portuguese and Spanish in San Francisco 2018.

In response to recommendations made by the participants at the first ISA-Global South Caucus Dialogue in 2016 in Atlanta, we are pleased to launch “In Other Words Roundtables.” This pilot project designed to achieve greater inclusiveness and to reflect the diversity of our association.



Virtual Engagement at #ISA2018

The Ad Hoc Committee on Virtual Engagement invites proposals for panels and papers that could benefit from the creative use of virtual engagement tools (like video conferencing, real-time updates through social media, live feeds, video streams, etc). These panels and papers can cover topics related to virtual engagement but the Committee is interested in any international studies scholarship that would like to incorporate virtual engagement tools in their ISA presentation. 


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