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Alex Walker posted in Headquarters on July 27, 2016
The International Studies Association (ISA) endorses the recent public statement made by the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) on the situation in Turkey. As you will read below, the statement condemns the "recent reports of infringements of academic freedom in Turkey". This endorsement was recommended by ISA’s Academic Freedom Committee and unanimously endorsed by ISA’s Executive Committee.
ISA Headquarters posted in Headquarters on July 26, 2016

ISA invites applications from junior scholars for the James N. Rosenau Postdoctoral Fellowship. The competition is open to scholars in the social sciences and humanities who have received their Ph.D. within the past two years, that is, between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2017.

The deadline for applications is November 1, 2016. The non-resident fellowship is granted for a duration of 12 months and the successful candidate must be an ISA member by the start date. ISA encourages applications from women, minorities, and citizens of all countries.

ISA Headquarters posted in Headquarters on July 25, 2016
The International Studies Association (ISA), the world’s largest association of scholars in the field, strongly condemns the recent assault on academic freedom in Turkey. ISA, with many members from Turkey, sincerely calls upon the Turkish government to restore the fundamentals of academic freedom immediately and to revoke all restrictions on travel, professional activity and general scholarly conduct for Turkish academics. We also strongly oppose the summary dismissal of academics from their positions without due process.
ISA Headquarters posted in Headquarters on July 07, 2016
The International Studies Association (ISA) strongly condemns the arrest and detention of Prof. Homa Hoodfar of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada by the Iranian government. The ISA joins other professional associations and human rights groups that have called for her unconditional release from prison.
ISA Headquarters posted in Headquarters on July 07, 2016
The International Studies Association (ISA) reaffirms its statement of January 21, 2016 concerning the situation in Turkey. In that statement, the ISA endorsed the January 18, 2016 statement of international academic associations around the world condemning the actions of the Turkish government in relation to a statement written by Turkish academics concerning the situation of Kurds in Turkey.
Alex Walker posted in Headquarters on June 06, 2016
The Publications Committee of the International Studies Association along with the Association's Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the organization's Governing Council regarding the assignment of editorial duties for International Studies Review at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. 
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