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Alex Walker posted in Headquarters on August 19, 2015

The issue of censorship – broadly defined as the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society through the suppression of words and images – touches on profound questions regarding the relationship between academia and politics, the scope of academic freedom and the nature of ‘responsible scholarship,’ and to what extent scholarship can and should be disciplined by ‘national security’ discourses and policies. To stimulate a discussion on these issues, the JoGSS editors are looking for papers systematically exploring (the politics of) censorship from a variety of angles.

ISA Headquarters posted in Headquarters on August 14, 2015
A new series of short books (SpringerBriefs) called 'Pioneers in Science and Practice', edited by Hans Günter Brauch, now features volumes on five former ISA presidents: Chadwick Alger, Nils Petter Gleditsch, Kalevi Holsti (in press), Herbert Kelman (in press), and Bruce Russett.
Alex Walker posted in Headquarters on July 27, 2015
After careful deliberation, the International Studies Association Nominating Committee (David Capie, Nanette Levinson, Scott Gartner, Mark Crescenzi, Norrin Ripsman, Sabine Carey, Tricia Lynne Sullivan, Birol Yesilada) agreed on a single slate of candidates for ISA Officers: Brett Ashley Leeds for president; Rorden Wilkinson (U. of Sussex, UK), Jennifer Sterling-Folker, and Audie Klotz for vice presidents.  We also selected nominees for at-large representatives to the governing council from outside the recognized ISA regions.  Our charge is to forward five candidates for three positions.  We recommend the following candidates: Belgin San-Akca (Koc University, Turkey), Thomas Bernauer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), David Hornsby, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa), Gunther Hellmann (Goethe University, Germany), and Omar McDoom (LSE, UK).  
Mark A. Boyer posted in Headquarters on July 21, 2015
As per this summer's election, the proposed amendment to the ISA Constitution (that would alter the requirement on the number of signatures needed to establish a new Section - from 100 to 3.5% of the membership) was passed by a margin of more than 46%.
Mark A. Boyer posted in Headquarters on July 01, 2015
As of July 1st, 2015, ISA Headquarters relocated to the University of Connecticut. We are very thankful to be assuming the leadership of a healthy and...
ISA Headquarters posted in Headquarters on May 12, 2015
At the most recent meeting of the ISA Governing Council in New Orleans, the Governing Council approved a proposal to the ISA Constitution that would change the requirement on the number of signatures needed to establish a new Section. Instead of having a fixed number of signatures (100 signatures), the proposal would require a percentage (3.5%) of ISA members’ signatures. Any changes to the ISA Constitution must be confirmed by a vote of its members. Please be sure to cast your vote on the amendment proposal by June 15th.
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