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  • PSS-ISA Budapest 2013
  • ISA CISS Bruges 2013
  • ISA Canada Victoria 2013
  • ISA NE Providence 2013
  • ISA West Pasadena 2013
  • ISA Midwest St. Louis 2013
  • ISA South Charlotte 2013
  • ISA ISSS-ISAC Washington D.C. 2013
  • ISA PDG Warsaw 2014
  • ISA HR Istanbul 2014
  • WISC-ISA Frankfurt 2014
  • ISA CISS Thessaloniki 2016
  • ISA Midwest St. Louis 2016
  • ISA South Shepherdstown 2016
  • ISAC-ISSS Notre Dame 2016
  • ISA Hong Kong 2017
  • ISA CISS Bologna 2017
  • ISA GSCIS Havana 2017
  • ISA West Pasadena 2017
  • ISA South Orlando 2017
  • ISA Northeast Providence 2017
  • ISA Midwest St. Louis 2017
  • ISSS-ISAC Washington D.C. 2017
  • FLACSO-ISA Quito 2018
  • FLACSO-ISA Buenos Aires 2014
  • ISA Canada Ottawa 2015
  • ISA HR Hague 2015
  • ISA West Pasadena 2014
  • ISA South Richmond 2014
  • ISAC-ISSS Austin 2014
  • ISA NE Baltimore 2014
  • ISA Midwest St. Louis 2014
  • ISA HR NYC 2016
  • ISA ICOMM Atlanta 2016
  • ISA Asia-Pacific Hong Kong 2016
  • CEEISA-ISA Ljubljana 2016
  • ISA West Pasadena 2016
  • ISA NE Baltimore 2016
  • ISA Midwest St. Louis 2015
  • ISA South Tampa 2015
  • ISSS-ISAC Springfield 2015
  • ISA GSCIS Singapore 2015
  • ISA CISS Krakow 2015
  • ISA NE Providence 2015
  • ISA West Pasadena 2015
Submissions are open for the 2014 joint Human Rights conference in Istanbul. We're now  accepting paper and panel proposals. This year's conference theme is Human Rights and Change. Check out the Call for more information. We hope to see you there!
ISA-Human Rights, along with the HR sections of IPSA, APSA and the Standing Group on Human Rights and Transition, ECPR, invites paper and panel proposals on any subject related to human rights, for our joint conference in Istanbul. Particularly welcome are submissions related to our 2014 conference theme, Human Rights and Change.

Please submit your proposals through the ISA submission system. Proposal submissions will open July 15, 2013. The proposal submission deadline is December 1, 2013.
The deadline for submissions for the ISSS-ISAC conference in Washington D.C. is extended until July 31, 2013. We are accepting paper, panel, and roundtable proposals. Please check out the call for papers and submit your proposals. We looking forward to welcoming you to Washington D.C.! 

I look forward to receiving your proposals for the 2013 International Studies Association-Midwest Annual Conference.  The deadline for proposals has been extended until August 2, 2013.

Please submit proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables and any questions you have to Proposals should include titles of papers and a short abstract of approximately 150 words, and include full contact information (name, affiliation, address, phone, fax, and email) of all participants. Please also indicate if you are willing to serve as a chair or discussant at the conference.


ISA West submissions are open for the 2013 conference in Pasadena. We're now accepting paper and panel proposals. This year's conference theme is Disruptions in World Politics: Policy Challenges, Normative Responses - check out the Call for more information. We hope to see you there!


FLACSO-ISA submissions are open for the 2014 conference in Buenos Aires. We're now accepting paper, panel and roundtable proposals. This year's conference theme is Global and Regional Powers in a Changing World - check out the Call for more information. We hope to see you there!

La presentación de propuestas para la conferencia conjunta FLACSO-ISA en Buenos Aires, 2014 se realiza a través de este sitio web. El tema de la conferencia es Poderes Regionales y Globales en un Mundo Cambiante - Cliquee aquí para acceder a la convocatoria.

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