ISA 2017 Leadership Submissions

Leadership Submissions

This is a special area for members of ISA's leadership to submit Distinguished Scholar and Committee panels. Please do not use this for normal panel submissions as unapproved submissions will not be considered or accepted to the program. This is only suitable for these types of proposals:

Distinguished Scholar Panels: These panels should be submitted by a Section/Caucus chair (or other leadership). ISA HQ will specially handle DS panels and make sure they are linked to your reception or have an otherwise preferred time-slot. (A section or caucus may submit up to one DS panel which will be considered part of their allocation.)

Committee Panels: These panels should be submitted by a committee chair. These are only available for the Committee on the Status of Women, the Committee on Representation and Diversity, and the Professional Development Committee.

Challenging Oppression: This is a special new collaboration among several caucuses, committees and sections and ISA HQ to promote diversity in the association. These proposals can take the form of panels, roundtables or other possible configurations..

Leadership Panel submissions deadline: July 1, 2016

Note: Distinguished Scholar Panels

ISA-HQ is happy to help facilitate your Distinguished Scholar Panels. But, to do that, we need to remove time slots from the pool for the program chairs before the program chairs get access to their program management tools. After that, HQ is no longer able to assist with Distinguished Scholar Panel placements. This is why it is important to submit this information as soon as possible. If this deadline is missed, ISA-HQ will independently schedule your reception and you will have to work directly with the program chairs on scheduling your panel.

Participation Limits

Most leadership panels - including Distinguished Scholar Panels and Committee Panels - are exempt from our normal participation limits. If you believe you are inappropriately hitting a limit, please contact headquarters.

The International Studies Association

Representing 100 countries, ISA has over 6,500 members worldwide and is the most respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. Endeavoring to create communities of scholars dedicated to international studies, ISA is divided into 6 geographic subdivisions of ISA (Regions), 29 thematic groups (Sections) and 4 Caucuses which provide opportunities to exchange ideas and research with local colleagues and within specific subject areas.
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